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Music Learning is Not a Days Task

Many people join music classes with an aspiration thinking that it is easy to learn and to substantiate there are lot of courses around where the title inspires by saying "Learn Music in 60 days". The titles look attractive but the reality is music learning requires time and persistence, it is hard to learn but the most satisfying thing to do .
There are many students who take up an instrument and they end up keep the instrument in storage for many years. The main reason is people think it is easy to learn but they don't give it time. People take instrument as hobby and they do not keep time for the class routine or practice routine
What should we do for effective Music Learning?
Choose the Right Instrument : Choosing the the right instrument which is comfortable for yourself is the first place to start, instead of searching websites for the right instrument start talking to musicians or your teacher for the best advice
Choose the Right Music School : Choose the right music school like Brooks Musicals who are consistent with their classes and have a good platform for learning. Cheaper schools look attractive but they do not offer consistent classes, its not about the money but the value
Talk to your Coach/Teacher: If you cannot understand a lesson tell your teacher, having open communication is the best way to learn quickly. There is no point in moving to the next note when you have not perfected the first note
Class Routine: Do not compromise your class routine for an outing or office work. Man people do this mistake quite often then they think they are not learning anything. Keeping a consistent class routine will help you to inspire yourself of achieving something
Practice Routine: Keeping a good practice routine is quite important. The practice routine can be boring initially because of repetitions but once there is a consistent practice routine you will get used to it and when you start play the songs you like the interest becomes passion

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