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Image by Anna Kolosyuk

Arts Classes

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Level -Beginner

Crawl to Begin

  • Learn shapes and get knowledge on primary colours

  • Simple methods to colour a picture 

  • Use Alphabets and Numbers to draw and sketch simple figures

  • Learn simple landscape study 

  • Learn simple landscape study, complete a landscape and then finish with colour

  • Learn a craft once a month

What We Learn

Level -1

Be at Start Line

  • Focus on controlling hands while pencil sketching

  • Draw elementary objects with pencils and different shapes

  • Mix two colours and create different colors, colour mixing theory 

  • Understand primary, secondary and tertiary colours 

  • Using buds, sponges and washable tempera paints create a bulky flower of flower stick

  • Landscape study

  • Create seasonal painting and create paining of particular season

What We Learn

Stimulate Creative thinking

Increase confidence and better concentration 

Increased confidence and smartness

Chalk Colors

Level -2

Climb the Hill

What We Learn

  • Learn geometrical shapes

  • Learn about pencil shading its tones, lights, shadow effects

  • Learn about converting objects from 2D to 3D with the help of tones

  • Introducing Poster colours

  • Introduce more complex landscapes and flowers and work using oil pastel and poster colour

  • Learn simple perspective drawing

  • Get an idea of how light works on an object and learn about light, shadow, and 3D shape of an object using colours

  • Introduce still life study and sketch a still life setup and complete it with colour

  • Introduction to simple human figures

Image by Steve Johnson
Image by Rifqi Ali Ridho

Level -3

Reach the Peak

What We Learn

  • Introduction to extreme accurate form of line drawing with blocking method

  • Learn how the light works on an object, here you will learn 3D effect of an object using simple graphite shading

  • Simple perspective drawing

  • Work with more complex colour and mixing techniques 

  • Introduce water colour and its properties

  • Learn landscape and still life using water colours

  • Sharpen skills to draw human figure

  • Learn to draw more complex still life study with and complete with  poster colours/Oil pastels/water colours

  • Composition of various Indian festivals

  • Introduction to modern painting and make simple modern painting using pastel and poster colours

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