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Violin is undoubtedly a beautiful musical instrument with a majestic look and evergreen melody. A medium that helps develop one’s multitasking skills just after a few practice sessions. At the end of the day, it gives you a great sense of achievement and makes all the hours of practice worth it.

It has been said that Violin is one of the toughest instruments to master. How would you feel if you can bow this magnificent instrument like a pro? Brooks provides the best music classes in Chennai


There are many positive changes Violin can bring to an individual’s life. The melody you create with every stroke of the bow is relaxing and keeps all your stress aside. After a concrete practice session, you may feel that you have been transported to a different place or time. It’s magical. Also, it’s a great tool to strengthen the coordination between both the arms and fingers simultaneously. Over time, one will find these Violin lessons beneficial as they help improve the overall posture of the body. The back and shoulders become stronger as the student needs to sit steadily during practice.

Parents will be glad to know that only a 30 minutes Violin session helps kids to improve their hearing and reading abilities. As a child acquires this skill, he/she becomes proficient to read more complex words and can interpret easily. Playing Violin also leads them to be more organized, responsible, and helps them mingle with a wide range of musical genres.

We offer personalized professional Violin lessons, for all ages and levels, starting from 6 years old to adults, and from complete beginners to advance. We understand that it takes talent and real hard work to become a genius with a string instrument. Initiating Violin lessons means knowing different scales, tuning techniques, precise bowing movements, and the list will go on. Each and every Violin lesson will help you familiarize with the instrument, improve the physical posture and hand flexibility.

Violin Beginner

Most Popular

Violin Initial

Duration:         6 - 8 months (Depnds on Skillset of the student)

Curriculum :  Trinity College London

Brooks Musicals both a systematic and holistic approach to learning the classical violin by emphasising playing techniques and note reading. Our violin lessons will help you lay strong foundation skills, enabling you to progress rapidly and successfully. With devotion and patience, you will master a wide range of violin classics to build an impressive repertoire.

Skills you learn as a beginner

  • Theory on Violin as an instrument

  •  Holding Violin and Bow with correct grip

  •  Introduction Basic musical signs

  •  How to tune a violin

  •  How to play beginner level songs

  •  How to play louder or softer using the weight on the bow

Image by Yash Sant
Piano Beginner
Violin Intermediate

Benefits of learning Violinf

  • Playing Violin adds ‘cool’ quotient to the personality

  • Playing Violin offers a sense of satisfaction

  • Playing Violin improves memory and attention span

  • Playing Violin reduces stress

  • Playing Violin helps to meditate

  • Playing Violin gives an opportunity to mingle with society

Online Violin Class
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