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The guitar is one of the most enjoyable instruments to learn. A Guitarist develops the ability to express himself and release the emotions through playing, which is very therapeutic. On the other hand, strumming the Guitar means adding new wings to the creative aspect of a person! It helps to strengthen hand-mind coordination, time management skill and make people more systematic. 

Brooks Musicals Music Center is renowned for offering the best Guitar Lessons in Chennai and through our online platform all over the world. From a solo performance in front of a huge crowd to being a lead guitarist in a band- Guitar supports socialization. It’s so handy that no prior arrangements are required. Strum away anytime, anywhere with anyone. We offer personalized professional Guitar Lessons, for all ages and levels, starting from 6 years old to Adults, and from complete beginners to advance. We believe that the individual approach is essential in learning the Guitar, and every class is personalized based on the students’ learning stage, style, abilities, and goals. Whether you want just to learn how to play your favorite tunes or progress in the Guitar as a professional, our carefully selected and highly qualified teachers are here to guide you in each step of the way to a genuine achievement. We believe that creating a long-lasting passion and love for music is the key to success.


We offer our Guitar students an expert preparation for international examinations, such as the Trinity College London and Rockschool.

Guitar Beginner

Most Popular

Guitar Initial

Duration:         6 - 8 months (Depnds on Skillset of the student)

Curriculum :  Trinity College London
                            Rockschool UK

Acoustic or Electric Guitar Brooks Musicals has classes for all types of Guitar lessons. You will get guidance on choosing the right instrument to teaching the basics of the instrument. Our teachers make you comfortable with your instrument and guide you all along the way

Skills you learn as a beginner

  • Theory on Guitar as an instrument

  •  Reading Music basics

  •  Initial guitar technique

  •  Introduction Basic musical signs

  •  Learning & Understanding of fretboard

  •  Introduction chords and scales

  •  Songs based on open chords and basic techniques

  •  Common rhythms

  •  Setting up a practice routine

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Guitar Intermediate

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Guitar Advance

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