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From the bombastic Jazz of Buddy Rich to ravishing Rock of Beatle’s Ringo Starr, these world-famous Drummers have never failed to give people an adrenaline rush!!! If you want to feel free, give it all out, and have fun, you should learn how to play Drums.

It has been said that Drumming is like athletics and martial arts. Along with your favorite sports, you might take up Drumming as another way to shape up. An hour of Drumming can burn up to 600 calories! Apart from the significant amount of physical activity you would get, it can also positively affect you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. For kids, it’s really beneficial to learn from the core as it boosts academic performance, especially mathematical skills. After all, associating with this instrument means one must count every single beat without a fail.

We offer personalized professional Drums lessons, for all ages and levels, starting from 6 years old to adults, and from complete beginners to advance. We believe that a Drums learning session is a marvelous way to break the sweat and feel the joy simultaneously! It’s a great medium to use your entire body as Drumming means to coordinate all four limbs to work together at the same time. This particular instrument has a distinctive ability to unleash an emotional response by setting the pulse for music. So whether you plan to be the next Drummer in an upcoming cultural activity or you just want to jam with your kids at home, Drum is always a great instrument to try out.

We offer our Guitar students an expert preparation for international examinations, such as the Trinity College London and Rockschool.

Drums Beginner

Most Popular

Drums Initial

Duration:         6 - 8 months (Depnds on Skillset of the student)

Curriculum :  Trinity College London
                            Rockschool UK

Brooks Musicals offers excellent Drums classes Online and Offline and  has classes for all ages. You will get guidance on choosing the right instrument to teaching the basics of the instrument. Our teachers make you comfortable with your instrument and guide you all along the way

Skills you learn as a beginner

  • Theory on Drums as an instrument

  •  Build your understanding of coordination, rhythm and timing

  •  Introduction Basic musical signs

  • Improve knowlegdge of drums and drumming

  •  Play rudiments to build hand coordination

  •  Setting up a practice routine

Drums Beginner
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Drums Intermediate

Drums Intermediate
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Drums Advance

Drums Advance
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