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Brooks Musicals, best Dance class in Chennai


Want to Learn Dance

Spread your wings with Brooks Musicals

Hip-hop is a very popular and energetic dancing form. This dance form refers to choreographed or social dance styles mainly danced to hip-hop music or which have developed as an important part of hip-hop culture. Hip-hop dance includes a wide array of styles remarkably locking, popping,and breaking.​​

At Brooks Musicals it's always fun to learn to Dance with friendly and highly qualified teachers engaging with our students are never bored

Do you know there is an international certification available for Hip-Hop? We prepare for RockSchool UK certifications so that students always get something more through our classes

Brooks Musicals Hip Hop Dance Class
Dance Class Brooks Musicals

Grade 1

Our students will be able to gain knowledge of Dance Vocabulary, demonstrate technical skills, be resposnive to music, use expression as appropriate

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